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S.F.B SRL was established in 1984, an electromechanical company which deals with technical assistance of machinery for shoe factory in general, rotary machines for direct injection onto upper such as Gusbi, B.G.M., MainGroup, Ottogalli, Niagara, Nuova Ama, Desma, Wintech.

In 1996, the company discovered and immersed itself in the polyurethane sector mainly in the moulding of single density safety shoes for Injection or Pouring, double density Pouring/Injection and/or Injection/Injection both for thermoplastic materials (P.V.C./T.R./T.P.U.) and for polyurethane materials (P.U. – P.U.).

In 1999 it specialized in revisions and constructions of machinery for shoe factory by offering consulting and by making all the experience gained available from the existing collaboration for 15 years with Main Group as a leader company in the footwear industry and with the Robot System as a leader company in the automation sector integrated with machines.

In 2013 it purchased the Ottogalli Corporation brand in order to be present and become known in the worldwide market and made it own, so much that in 2014 the company overhauled and built machinery using the mixed brand S.F.B.srl Ottogalli Corporation.

Its total area is approximately 12,000 sq.m. and includes an area for technical assistance, constructions and revisions, an area for storage of materials and assorted spare parts, an area in the underlying part of the building for the storage of the machinery to be overhauled and the offices for the administrative part of the company.
Over the years, we have earned more and more experience, but also a passion. Indeed, each single component is analyzed and processed with the maximum attention and professionalism. Because the care and the attention to details is what makes our result be perfect.

S.F.B. Srl

An electromechanical company which deals with technical assistance of machinery for shoe factories mainly of rotary machines for direct injection onto upper or for all-plastic direct injection. Listed below are some building companies names of machinery on which SFB has a good technical knowledge matured in many years of assistance service, boasting the direct contact with the final customer.

Main Group,
Nuova Ama,

Surfing on our website it’s possible to notice some examples of total revisions already carried out on several types of machinery. Here below is reported item-by-item what the total revision consists of and how  this is carried out in our company.

Total revision of a rotary machine consists in the total dismantling of all its components, that is:

Mechanism, during the dismantling of the machine in all its components it’s carefully checked the condition of the mechanical part, if some wear-related problems are encountered, depending on the recorded tollerance, it will intervene with the replacement or the reconstruction of the component in question.

Cylinders, oleodynamic or pneumatic, the revision with the check of their mechanical wear or the chromed part rod side this is followed by the replacement or the regeneration of it and during the reassembly the replacement of all the gaskets or seal rings.

Electrical part, is completely reviewed and then all the cable sheaths are replaced with the new and super flexible sheath of polyamide; if necessary all the anonymous or broken wires are marked, renumbered and rewired.

Electronic part, are replaced with a latest-generation PLC to a industrial PC on which a supervision software is installed by Us in order to manage all the variations which could be helpful in the production process, depending on the machinery and the type of the material being worked.

Repainting, the process concerns the mechanical part of the machine in question which is disassembled piece by piece and on which is carried out the process of: Washing, Pickling, Sandblasting, primer Painting, Paiting of  bicomponent original color.
Later, everything is reassembled.

On-board machine system, all the board machine which includes: crankcase, protections, sheaths, synoptics and oleodynamic and/or pneumatic tubes which are usually newly built. In order that the machine may appear nice and visually pleasant, and most importantly, functional; it is enriched according the knowledge and acquired experience over many years of maintenance and collaboration with leading companies in the field.

Records, with the overhauled machine, we are able to provide you a installation and maintenance instruction manual, mechanical charts, functional and electrical diagrams updated to the final inspection of the machine.

Synoptics, all the synoptics assembled on the machine are newly rebuilt in order that on-board machine system there will be all the useful symbols for manoeuvres in automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode. All made according to the full compliance with safety standards.

EC Certifiation, we are also able to certify EC all the machinery with the EU final destination; according to the type of machine in question and only and exclusively if they are overhauled by Us!